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NASA’s Robonaut 2 Technologies

NASA robonaut

Laboratory: NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC)

Technology: Robonaut 2 (R2) and nearly 50 patented and patent-pending hands, arms, sensing and perception system, and interface controls technologies 

Opportunity: JSC is seeking partners or parties interested in licensing its multi-application R2 and the dozens of other patented and patent-pending technologies that make up its complex system.

Details: R2 was developed by JSC in collaboration with General Motors and Oceaneering as a highly developed and highly dexterous humanoid robot. This advanced robot consists of several moving parts, such as vision systems, image recognition systems, sensor integrations, tendon hands, and control algorithms, among other unique features. The multifaceted capabilities of R2 include being able to handle complex and tactile tasks that require a more human-like level of interpretation and interaction.

Benefits: Numerous benefits can come from R2 and its multiple system technologies. For one, the arms, hands, and sensing and perception technologies that it houses allow this robot to be extremely dexterous and human-like when completing arduous and delicate tasks. R2’s ability to perform in such close similarity to humans opens up the possibility for robotics to function and navigate in emergency or other situations where an environment may not be safe or practical for humans to be present. 


  • Logistics and distribution: allowing high levels of interaction
  • Industrial field: capable of operating equipment and machinery designed for humans
  • Medical: able to perform time-consuming tasks such as counting, sorting, or inspection
  • Land mine detection and bomb disposal.

Contact: For more information on the R2 and its numerous technologies, contact JSC’s technology transfer office at

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