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NASA Releases 2019-2020 Software Catalog Featuring New Codes


NASA Astronaut Kate Rubins cultures stem cells on the International Space Station. The Space Station Research Explorer provides current information on ISS experiments, facilities, and research results. (Photo credit: NASA)

Whether NASA is landing humans on the Moon or rovers on Mars, every space mission requires advanced software. With a variety of technical applications, NASA software can also benefit users outside of the agency.

NASA has released its 2019-2020 software catalog, which contains more codes than ever before. Available in print and online, the fourth edition of the publication features hundreds of new software packages available to the public for free, without any royalty or copyright fees.

“These tools were developed to support NASA missions, but they can be utilized in academic research, engineering development and other settings,” said Jim Reuter, associate administrator of NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate at the agency’s headquarters in Washington. “We also see potential business applications for those looking for a unique, competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.”

The latest edition of the catalog contains 976 software packages, including business systems and project management, design and integration tools, data and image processing, data server processing and handling, environmental science, and more. Among the software included in the catalog for the first time are:

  • A virtual reality platform designed with off-the-shelf hardware and game engine software to create digital training environments where engineers can practice procedures for current and future operations
  • An application that lets users explore the diverse ecosystem of experiments being researched on the International Space Station—both completed and ongoing
  • A mobile, low-cost, scalable, and accurate system for autonomous navigation and localization.

NASA’s Technology Transfer Program also updated a process to make downloading software easier and faster. Interested users can initiate a software request with a click of the button and, in many cases, download code within minutes.

“NASA was the first federal agency to publish a comprehensive list of its available software and make it easy for the public to access,” said Daniel Lockney, executive of the agency’s Technology Transfer Program, which manages the distribution of NASA software. “Our latest catalog and website make it simpler than ever to search for, acquire, and use NASA-developed code.”

NASA is offering its software free of charge. Access restrictions apply to some software that may be limited for use by U.S. citizens or for U.S. government purposes only.

Print and digital versions of NASA’s 2019-2020 software catalog are available at: http://software.nasa.gov.

The software catalog is a product of NASA’s Technology Transfer Program, which is managed for the agency by the Space Technology Mission Directorate. The program ensures that technologies developed by and for NASA are broadly available to the public, thus maximizing the benefit to American taxpayers. For more information about NASA's Technology Transfer Program, visit: https://technology.nasa.gov.

To view the original article, visit https://www.nasa.gov/directorates/spacetech/techtransfer/Software_Catalog_2019.

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