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New Army Podcast Focuses on Army Science and Technology Challenges

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CCDC Army Research Laboratory's new podcast, "What We Learned Today," features ARL Director Dr. Philip Perconti talking about science and technology for the future Army. (U.S. Army graphic)

The Army is pursuing complex science and technology challenges to forge its future force. Modernization, discovery and innovation will ensure that the Army of the future is the dominant strategic land power, according to Army officials.

In a new podcast, Dr. Philip Perconti, director of the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command's Army Research Laboratory, interviews scientists and engineers and discusses the lab's cutting-edge foundational research.

"The Army has a corporate research laboratory," Perconti explains in episode one. "It's mission is to do disruptive research for the long term."

The Army Research Laboratory is responsible for thinking about technology beyond 2035, he said. "What research has to be done to affect disruptive warfighting capability in the long term? That's the primary mission of the Army Research Laboratory."

The podcast, What We Learned Today, will feature a different area of research in each episode as well as an up-and-coming Army researcher.

In the first few episodes, Perconti tackles topics like synthetic biology, future fuels and innovative robotics.

"This is a collaborative environment," Perconti said. "In order to collaborate, you need to know where people are coming from. What they think is important. Getting together with people and communicating on as many different levels as possible is the intent here."

Episode one addresses the future of synthetic biology and how materials may one day heal themselves when damaged. It features a discussion with Army research chemist Dr. Meagan Small.

Listeners can subscribe to the podcast on popular platforms such as iTunes and Google Play. It will also be embedded on the laboratory's homepage or the podcast homepage. As the podcast is syndicated, the goal will be for the listener to subscribe to future episodes on their app of choice.

"We can use this to reach a wide audience; this is just one avenue for that. That's our make sure people understand our mission and the problems we're trying to solve," Perconti said.

The first episode of the podcast can be found here:

This press release originally appeared on the ARL news page:

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