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NEW at federallabs.org-the FLC Forum!

The FLC is pleased to introduce the FLC Forum—a new feature on our newly redesigned website! TheFLC Forum offers a welcome space for the entire technology transfer (T2) community to join and contribute to the T2 conversation.

With a variety of discussion groups and topics ranging from FLC committees, regions, awards, educationand training, the FLC Forum provides the ideal space for anyone seeking T2 information and guidance.Aside from organizational discussion groups, the Forum also features:

  • Partnership opportunities discussions
  • Meetings and events information
  • T2 news
  • Personal profiles and messaging.

Use of the Forum is free for all FLC members and non-members. All visitors to the FLC Forum can creatediscussions, comment on live discussions, find T2 opportunities, and more. To participate in the Forum,you’ll need to create a Forum account

Visit federallabs.org/forums to log into your Forum account and participate in T2 discussions! 

Check out the FLC Forum, and join the T2 talks today!

FLC News