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New FLC White Paper Presents T2 Lessons From the PI’s Point of View


The FLC is pleased to present a new addition to the library! Our new white paper presents a technology transfer success story told through the eyes of the award-winning principal investigator team.

In the paper, entitled “From a PI’s Perspective: How We Made a T2 Success,” the winners of a 2015 Excellence in Technology Transfer Award discuss their T2 success in detail. From their viewpoint as the scientists involved, Ariel Szogi, Matias Vanotti, and Patrick Hunt of the Agricultural Research Service share what made their process a success, what they learned along the way, and what they’d do differently if they had the chance.

You can download the paper from the FLC reference library. We hope you’ll use this new perspective as a learning tool to help you consider ways to support scientists at your own labs.

Have insights you’d like to share with the FLC community? Submit an abstract for your own white paper by emailing training@federallabs.org.

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