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New Method for Suppressing Pecan and Peach Diseases

pecan tree

Laboratory: Agricultural Research Service, South Atlantic Area (Fruit and Nut Research, Byron, Ga.)

Technology: Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists in Georgia have developed a way to treat major pecan and peach diseases using natural bacterial extracts. This technology provides a safe and effective alternative to chemical fungicides. Peach and pecan diseases such as scab and brown rot can cause devastating losses in crop yields and quality. There are commercial chemical fungicides that are effective at controlling peach and pecan diseases. However, not only can these fungicides be harmful to humans and the environment, but over time disease organisms can become resistant to chemical controls. Safe and effective control methods are needed. Although, bacterial control methods are not new, ARS’s bacterial extracts have never been used for controlling peach or pecan diseases. This invention potentially offers the first safe and effective natural fungicide for controlling pecan and peach diseases. The technology may have potential to be registered as an organic product.

Opportunity: ARS is seeking a cooperative research and development partner to assist with field testing, developing mass production techniques, and developing formulas for this technology to expedite product commercialization. The biological control (natural pesticide) industry, as well as other pesticide/fungicide companies, may be interested in providing such a product. Pecan and peach farmers would use this technology by applying it like other pesticides using standard agricultural equipment.

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