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New Videos Shed Light on FLC Leadership

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In a new series of videos, FLC leaders share what it’s been like to step up as key influencers in the Consortium. Filmed at our national meeting in April, these videos shed some light on not only what these decision-makers do for the FLC, but what the FLC has done for them.

First, Executive Board members describe what they’ve gained from volunteering with the FLC, and how it has helped their labs build their tech transfer programs and knowledge base. The Board is made up of elected and appointed officials from within federal labs and agencies, and directs FLC policies and initiatives.

From the nonfederal side, hear from the vice-chair of our National Advisory Council (NAC) to learn more about the key role the NAC plays in linking the FLC with key constituency groups. National advisors—primarily from industry, academia, and state and local governments—bring their wealth of experience and connections into play to advise the Board and strengthen the FLC’s relationships with the business community.

Whatever your role, you have opportunities to become a leader within the FLC! Use these testimonials to start thinking about how you might get involved. You can reach out to one of these leaders, or contact the FLC staff, to learn more about your options.

We have more videos coming soon, including stories from several 2016 award winners on their successful T2 efforts. Subscribe to the FLC YouTube channel to see them as they’re posted!

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