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News Roundup


As always, our members made a lot of news over the past few weeks. To make sure you don’t miss any, check out these links in our latest news roundup!

  • Brookings has made recommendations on how the federal government can support innovation districts.
  • DOD and the defense industry are increasingly using 3D printing to create tools and parts.
  • An interagency initiative between NIH and the VA will study alternative options to opioids to treat veterans in pain.
  • Federal labs are working hard to increase the network that can test for Ebola.
  • Virginia’s governor recently expressed praise for Jefferson Lab and its economic potential.
  • Earlier this month, Los Alamos National Lab’s director gave a high profile lecture on innovation and global security at the University of Tennessee Knoxville (link includes new link to video of the talk).
  • An INL database has become a key resource for emergency planners.
  • Researchers at NAIAD’s Rocky Mountain Laboratories believe an Ebola vaccine they developed is nearly ready to be tested in humans, and the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research is testing a Canadian vaccine right now. (Video may auto-play at these links)
  • The Milwaukee Business Journal asks, "Can Milwaukee become a CDC-style federal center for water research?"
  • The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, NIST’s new FFRDC, has announced key players who will operate the lab. NIST also named a new director for its Physical Measurement Lab.
  • A new CRADA will enable TARDEC and some other Army labs to evaluate a protective technology for soldiers.
  • The Wall Street Journal’s Ralph Gardner, Jr. visited Brookhaven National Lab for an in-depth profile of its particle collider.
  • A research partnership between Lawrence Livermore National Lab and the University of California Davis could lead to the ability to tailor cancer treatment to individual patients.
  • Two federal labs are profiled in this Business Insider story about facilities working on nuclear fusion.

Before we take you into the weekend, there are a couple of educational tools you should know about! We hope you made it to our licensing webinar on Tuesday! Otherwise, the slides are available for download now on our webinar page. If you have the chance, check out Montgomery County, Maryland’s Innovation 2 Commercialization event next week! And of course, don’t forget to sign up for our Tech-to-Market Virtual Forum, taking place in just a few weeks!

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