Lab Spotlight

ORNL Bidirectional 0079

Bidirectional Wireless Charging

Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy demonstration project uses the world’s first level-2 bidirectional wireless charging system to enable fast, efficient energy flow between this novel 3D printed vehicle and building. The vehicle is equipped with a...
FLC BNLDepositionChamberD0390213 1436969235

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Scientists at Brookhaven National Laboratory use this custom-built deposition chamber to manufacture atomically precise lenses that focus x-ray beams to within a single nanometer. The lenses made in this chamber are used at Brookhaven’s National Synchrotron Light Source II , and will help...
CDC TOBACCO JDG 9494 111814 1438718441

CDC - Tobacco Testing

CDC's Division of Laboratory Sciences (DLS) Tobacco Laboratory uses automated smoking machines for cigarette testing in combination with advanced analytical techniques such as mass spectrometry. The Laboratory investigates individual and population exposures to the chemicals in tobacco products...

CDC-Developed Zika MAC-ELISA Diagnostic Test

Jane Basile, a microbiologist from the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) Division of Vector-Borne Diseases, is one of many CDC scientists working to combat Zika. The CDC has developed the Zika MAC-ELISA diagnostic test, which detects antibodies the body makes to fight a Zika virus infection...
concrete decon Sandia

Cleaning Chemically Contaminated Concrete

In March 1995, members of a Japanese cult released the deadly nerve agent sarin into the Tokyo subway system, killing a dozen people and injuring a thousand more. This leads to the question: What if a U.S. transportation hub was contaminated with a chemical agent? The hub might be shut down for...