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CoastGuard Vessel Demo

Coast Guard Debuts New Rapid Prototyping Center

On May 5, the U.S. Coast Guard’s Research and Development Center (RDC), in New London, Conn., launched a facility that will focus on rapid innovation to keep U.S. homeland security systems one step ahead of threats to the nation. The new Coast Guard Science & Technology Innovation Center...
LLNL window

Developing Coatings to Make Windows More Energy-Efficient

At Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), materials scientists Paul Mirkarimi and Roger Qiu are developing coatings to make windows more energy-efficient by reflecting infrared and allowing all visible light in. They are also working on hard transparent coatings that could be used to...
EPA Develops Device to Measure Sewer Conditions in Real Time

EPA Develops Device to Measure Sewer Conditions in Real Time

The Environmental Protection Agency collaborated with the Urbanalta Company to develop the Flowing Water Station (FWS), a mobile device that rests beneath a sewer lid to quantify sewer conditions in real time, including flow level, rate, and obstructions. The sensor data is accessible using a smart...
SusanTaylorPhD DartmouthResearchers MicroAnalysis

ERDC’s Microscopic Analysis

Susan Taylor, Ph.D., research scientist at the U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (center) works with the Dartmouth College Electron Microscope Facility to examine extraterrestrial material from comet Wild 2 collected by NASA’s Stardust mission. NASA and the National...
LabSpot FLC Particulate Matter NAMRU D 1438979094

Evaluating Toxic Particulates

At the Naval Medical Research Unit Dayton, life scientists use the Environmental Health Effects (EHE) Laboratory to assess the toxicity of particulate matter. In collaboration with the U.S. Air Force, scientists use research models to determine the potential toxicity and biomarkers of inhaled...
USDA Metal Extraction Method Ascherl

Extracting Heavy Metals With Vegetable Oils

Scientists at the Agricultural Research Service’s (ARS) National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research (NCAUR) in Peoria, Ill., created a new process that uses vegetable oils to remove metals from liquids, solids, and gases. The chemical process, which the U.S. Department of...
FAA NIECTowerSimulation

FAA - NIEC’s Air Traffic Control Tower Simulation

A virtual tower simulation environment is used to conduct NextGen research at the FAA’s NextGen Integration and Evaluation Capability (NIEC) laboratory. The tower simulator features a 300-degree viewing angle, multiple air traffic control (ATC) systems, voice communication capabilities,...