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NSA-Patented Computation Technology Proves Both Energy- and Cost-Efficient

Dept. of Defense

(Photo credit: Charles Robinson)

High performance computers, which are associated with large power bills, will become more efficient thanks to the National Security Agency’s (NSA) circuit technology. Current computing semiconducting and superconducting logic uses irreversible logic operations. With this technology, the logic operations can be inverted, allowing for more efficient physical processes and ultimately reducing the electrical power required for computing. In turn, this technology generates less heat, which could relieve temperature limitations currently challenging computer chip manufacturers.

The Design of Reversible Computation for Energy Efficient Logic is a pioneering advancement for high performance computing, and is one of many patented NSA technologies available for license.

NSA’s portfolio of patented technologies can be leveraged by companies of any size to build or enhance their businesses. The NSA Technology Transfer Program (TTP) establishes partnerships that accelerate mission goals, advance science, foster innovation, and promote the growth and commercialization of technology originally created for the Agency’s mission.


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