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On-demand: Nuclear and Fossil Fuel Technologies from Federal Labs

On Nov. 2, the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC) hosted the second part of a four-part webinar series aligned with this year’s Technology Focus initiative—energy. The webinar focused on nuclear energy and fossil fuels technology and research, and highlighted how our member laboratories are changing the face of the energy industry.

Federal laboratories create innovative energy technologies that are vital to transforming the energy system to meet the demands of the world’s changing environment and provide leading energy services that address our nation’s energy needs. Whether you're a technology transfer (T2) or energy industry professional, this webinar will provide valuable insight from Department of Energy leaders and scientists into the collaborative programs and technologies available to assist your R&D goals and boost lab-to-market activity. 

You can view each session of the webinar at the FLC YouTube channel, where we’ve created a playlist for on-demand viewing. You can also view the first in our webinar series, Renewable Energy, in its entirety.

Stay tuned for the next FLC Technology Focus webinar in 2018!

FLC News