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Peptides For Intracellular Nanoparticle Delivery


Laboratory: Naval Research Laboratory

Technology: Modular functional peptides for the intracellular delivery of nanoparticles

Opportunity: Available for license (collaboration opportunities may also be available). Any transfer opportunities for this technology are furnished through TechLink, a partnership intermediary.

Details: Nucleic acids encode a polypeptide for delivery of a nanoparticle, such as a quantum dot, to the cytosol. The peptide comprises a nanoparticle association domain, a spacer domain, an uptake domain, and a vesicle escape domain. Upon addition of a non-hydrolyzable lipophilic moiety to the vesicle escape domain and binding to a nanoparticle, the peptide is effective to induce uptake of a nanoparticle by a cell and delivery of the nanoparticle to the cytosol of the cell. The innovation also includes methods of delivering a nanoparticle to the cytosol of a cell by providing to a cell a nanoparticle attached to such a peptide.

Contact: This opportunity is furnished through TechLink. To learn more or discuss transfer options, contact a TechLink Tech Manager.

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