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PNNL Technology for Decontamination of Harmful Germ Cells


A nonintrusive technology for quick and effective decontamination of potentially harmful germ cells, viruses, and biological spores in enclosed spaces has been developed by researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). The technology consists of an electrochemically activated solution generated from an environmentally friendly decontaminant/disinfectant solution, and a unique micro-aerosol generator used for application. It is suitable for use in enclosed environments such as hospitals, clinics, food processing plants, vehicles, airports, etc., as well as for exterior disinfection of vehicles and other machinery.

The application of a micro-aerosol of electrochemically activated solutions for decontamination of enclosed environments allows for unattended cleanup of contaminated space with minimal post-cleaning waste generation, reduced manpower and waste management cost, and improved overall decontamination and restoration cost and time.


  • Penetrates porous materials and reaches barely accessible spaces
  • Simple in design and logistics, offering ease-of-use and portability
  • Uses a small volume of eco-friendly liquid decontaminant that leaves little-to-no residue
  • Efficiently and effectively decontaminates an enclosed environment in less than 60 minutes
  • Effective against viruses, germ cells, and spores

Partners are sought to further develop the technology for commercial deployment.

For more information, visit http://availabletechnologies.pnnl.gov/technology.asp?id=281 or call 509-372-6042.

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