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Laboratory: Savannah River National Laboratory

Technology: RadRopeTM Portable Nuclear Material Detection System—A portable system that one person can easily use to detect gamma and neutron radiation quickly over a large area

Opportunity: Interested companies with proven capabilities in this area of expertise are invited to develop commercial applications for RadRopeTM under a CRADA or licensing agreement.

Details: This lightweight, portable system can rapidly detect the presence of nuclear materials in sealed containers without the use of harmful x-rays. Using sensors arrayed linearly and encased in fabric, the RadRopeTM system can be dangled in the 2- to 4-inch gap between stacked shipping containers on a cargo ship by a customs inspector. As the inspector walks along the top containers, a handheld PDA shows an alarm when any sensor in the array detects radiation levels above background radiation. The RadRopeTM system has been beta-tested for the U.S. Coast Guard on ships entering port in Charleston, S.C.

Contact: Dale Haas, Commercialization Manager

View SRNL’s tech brief on RadRopeTM for more information.

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