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Reusable Tamper-Indicating Security Device


Current tamper-indicating labels have two main problems with their usage: the ability to get pressure-sensitive labels to adhere well to a variety of surfaces such as concrete, unfinished wood, Teflon, etc., and finding an easy way to remove the labels.

Scientists at the National Security Agency (NSA) have developed an invention that allows the use of labels where labels have not been an acceptable method of tamper technology by permitting labels to be used on surfaces that normally do not work well with a pressure-sensitive label.

The reusable tamper-indicating security device:

  • Adheres to surfaces that typically will not accept a pressure-sensitive, tamper-indicating label.
  • Allows for simple removal of tamper-evident labels while permitting enhanced security.
  • Is easily used and reused without having to clean the residue before each use.

This patented technology has potential application for prevention and detection of unauthorized entry:

  • Industrial security
  • Banks
  • Airports
  • Immigration facilities
  • Medicine storage & transport
  • Food storage & transport
  • Secured areas.

For more information, email mtroche@nsa.gov or call 443-479-9569.

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