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Rugged Quick-Disconnect Trailer Mount


Laboratory: Tobyhanna Army Depot

Technology: Patented trailer ball mount technology that is simple, versatile, and capable of low-maintenance operation in dusty and other challenging environments.

Opportunity: Through TechLink, a partnership intermediary, the Army seeks a partner to license and commercialize this technology. There is also potential for collaboration to adapt the design to other civilian and military applications.

Details: This military-grade trailer ball receiver hitch is rugged yet easy to use. The device originated from a requirement for a trailer system that could be lifted by helicopter but quickly separated for use, and also able to withstand the extreme sand environments of Afghanistan. The key is a simple design based on two quick-disconnect pins. The receiver hitch works with standard trailer balls. The system has undergone complete military-standard transportability, shock and vibration testing, as well as full environmental, sand, and dust testing at Aberdeen Proving Ground. The mount has been deployed on several variants of generator trailers, and no failures have been reported despite five years of military use in rugged combat environments.


  • Fail-proof Strength: Simple design yields high strength and visual confirmation of a positive lock
  • Fast and Easy: Wider base of the receiver mouth makes it easier to center and capture the ball mount than competing products with narrow mouths
  • Built for Rugged Environments: Unlike competing products, the Army’s design is not prone to collecting dust, sand, or other debris that can compromise performance.

Contact: This opportunity is available through TechLink. To explore technology transfer options, please contact Andrew Schoneberg, Market and Economic Research Specialist, or Darin Oelkers, CLP, Senior Technology Manager.

View TechLink’s original listing for this technology for more information.

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