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Sandia’s Non-invasive Energy Meter

Sandia NonInvasiveEnergyMeter

Laboratory: Sandia National Laboratories (Sandia) 

Technology: Non-invasive energy meter

Opportunity: This energy monitoring device is available for licensing or partnering options by interested industry parties.

Details: Sandia’s non-invasive energy meter measures energy from liquid flow systems (e.g., solar systems) by using a technique that senses when the system is running and then estimates the BTU energy production. 

Benefits: Aside from the ability to be installed on a system without cutting any pipes or connecting to any electrical systems, the Sandia meter also:

  • Is useful for both fixed and variable flow systems
  • Estimates BTU production
  • Is completely portable 

Potential Applications: This technology can be applied to both fixed and variable liquid flow systems, as well as used for energy measurement. 

Contact: For more information about this technology and licensing opportunities, contact Sandia’s Intellectual Property Department at [email protected].

To view Sandia’s original marketing sheet for the non-invasive energy meter technology, visit

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