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Software Copyright Impact Survey

An important message from Dr. Courtney Silverthorn, Acting Director, Technology Partnerships Office

Many of the FLC's technology transfer managers will receive a request in the next week or so from David Leech, on NIST’s behalf, to respond to a survey (the Software Copyright Impact Survey) concerning the potential costs and benefits of possible legislative changes that currently prevent copyright protection of software developed by government-operated federal laboratories. This is an important issue for the technology transfer community.

NIST’s Return on Investment (ROI) Initiative (April 2019) found that these regulations constrain technology commercialization. The survey is an attempt to collect information that will deepen and quantify the argument. Please respond to the survey in a timely manner. If you have questions regarding the work on this project, or other projects being conducted for NIST, please reach out to Nicole Gingrich, nicole.gingrich@nist.gov.

Thank you.

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