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Stay Sharp in 2017 With FLC Office Hours This Thursday!

Welcome an opportunity to learn in the new year by chatting with Dr. Rob Griesbach during January office hours! He’ll be online for half an hour this Thursday, Jan. 12 to answer your questions.


Rob is Deputy Assistant Administrator with the Agricultural Research Service’s Office of Technology Transfer, as well as the FLC’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator. He’s great with advice on T2 strategy and IP management, and is responsible for bringing you many of the recent learning, development and networking opportunities in the region. And this year, he’s joining the instructor team for our newly redesigned “Technology Transfer for Beginners” class at the 2017 national meeting. So, if you’re new to T2 (or know someone who is), he’s the man to see!

Stop in Thursday, Jan. 12 from 2:30-3:00 pm EST and ask him your questions. Learn how to join at the calendar event here. Or if you can’t make it, send Rob an email to get in touch directly.

Learn more about office hours at the FLC mentorship program page.


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