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Submit nominations for George Linsteadt T2 Achievement Award

The nomination period for the FY 2020 George Linsteadt Technology Transfer Achievement award is now open.

The office of the Under Secretary of Defense, Research and Engineering (OUSD(R&E)) requests nominations for the FY 2020 George Linsteadt Award. Please see the attached nomination form as well as criteria for the nomination process. The Laboratories and Personnel Office (L&PO), is executing this call for nominations on behalf of the OUSD(R&E).

Nominations should be submitted directly to L&PO by 5:00 pm EST 31 July 2020 at osd.pentagon.ousd-r-e.mbx.dod-dlo-t2@mail.mil with the subject line, "FY 2020 Linsteadt Award Nomination for (nominee’s name)."

Find the nomination form here: https://federallabs.org/sites/default/files/2020_george_linsteadt_nomina...

Find the full list of criteria here: https://federallabs.org/sites/default/files/2020_george_linsteadt_criter...

Read about the 2019 winner here: https://federallabs.org/news/bob-charles-receives-2019-george-f-linstead...

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