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Submit Your Most Creative T2 Solutions for a Chance to Present at the FLC National Meeting!

Calling all technology transfer (T2) professionals: The FLC wants to hear your creative T2 solutions! We’ll be presenting your best to members at our 2017 national meeting, so submit your most innovative T2 solutions, strategies, or case studies for an opportunity to share yours!

As most of us know, T2 projects don’t always follow a neat path, and many of you have had to get creative to accomplish your scientists’ and industry partners’ goals. Your best strategies can help your colleagues get creative with the commercialization process! If yours is selected, you’ll have the opportunity to present during the 2017 national meeting session “What's the Most Innovative Way You Have Seen a Tech Transfer Mechanism Used?” on Wednesday, April 26.

Submit your story by Friday, February 3, 2017, via our online submission form.

The process is simple: Provide us with a brief explanation—you’ll only need a few short paragraphs—of your T2 challenge and your innovations to untangle it.

We’re looking for:

  1. Your T2 challenge – Set the scene:
    • Who were the players?
    • What technologies were involved?
    • What was the timeline?
  2. How you solved it creatively, including:
    • What you did
    • T2 mechanisms you used (e.g., CRADA, MTA, PIA, licensing, facility usage, etc.)
    • What made this solution so creative?
    • Your results.
  3. Supporting information: If you have any Public Affairs Office (PAO)-approved links, images, or presentations that document this story, please submit those as well.


If your story is selected, session moderator Bob Charles will contact you to discuss planning the meeting session.

We’re also selecting for other ways to present your solutions in the future – such as other FLC events, webinars, white papers, and more. You’ll have a chance to let us know what opportunities you’d like us to consider for your story.

If you have questions about the submission process, contact Lauren Pafumi of the FLC Management Support Office.

Send us your creative T2 stories…We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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