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T2 News Updates: DC Perspective to Be Refreshed in Time for 2018

As we near a new year, the DC Perspective section of the FLC’s T2 News is being refreshed. There will still be two columns with technology transfer (T2) news from the Capitol every month, but their focus will be refined so you can get the news you need—and disregard what you don’t—faster.

T2 Touchpoint (formerly DC Dispatch): Published bi-weekly, this newsletter-format post will gather T2 news from agency publications, news sites, and DC-central organizations. Each Touchpoint will be organized into three major categories, whenever appropriate briefings can be found.

  • - Budget Bulletin: As funding obligations and updates are integral to the T2 community, any news from DC will be front-and-center for labs and interested parties.
  • - Policy Pulse: Newly introduced legislation and budget changes go hand-in-hand. Should any new bills be brought to the Congress floor, we’ll let you know in the next Touchpoint. We’ll be sure to link back to any information released from Capitol Hill.
  • - Agency Activities: Any government agency- or department-specific news will live here.

Capitol Corner (formerly T2 on DC): Published monthly, this column will focus on an area of interest to the FLC and its stakeholders—at length. The post will tie into the Tech Focus theme that FLC News currently champions, and offer a more thoughtful, analytical lens into T2’s hottest topics and pressing issues.

For more information on the changes affecting DC Perspective, please contact dcnews@federallabs.org.  

Stay tuned for the inaugural T2 Touchpoint next week!

DC Perspective