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Webinars on IP and Available Techs: If you missed them, watch them now!


Recently, we told you about a few webinar events that were coming up. Two weeks later, they’ve both gone off as a success!

On Aug. 22, FLC Chair Mojdeh Bahar was the featured speaker for the Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable’s (GUIRR) webinar series, where she presented to more than 65 people on the Available Technologies search tool. This tool uses Google technology to help potential partners find patents available for licensing and other technology transfer opportunities across the federal laboratory system.

On Aug. 28, the FLC Education and Training (E&T) Committee hosted "Introduction to Intellectual Property," with Maryam Azarion and Marianne Lynch. This turned out to be our biggest webinar yet! Maryam and Marianne introduced over 160 participants to the basic concepts of IP, including the types of IP and how they’re protected, some recent court cases, and what it all means for people who work at federal laboratories. The audience, while primarily from the labs, included people from all walks of life and fields, including attorneys, researchers, students, university staff, technology firms and startups. With a robust Q&A and a lot of great feedback, we’re very pleased with the results.

Both webinars were well-received and featured high-quality questions. Recordings and presentations from each are available at the below links (free registration required):

GUIRR’s Available Technologies webinar:

FLC’s Introduction to Intellectual Property webinar:

Many thanks to GUIRR for helping us spread the word about the Available Techs tool!

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