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Technology for Today Goes Digital

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In 2013, the FLC’s Technology for Today publication will undergo a monumental transition—it will become a fully digital product.

Technology for Today shares stories of successful technology transfer from federal laboratories to the marketplace. By going digital, we can accommodate more success stories and reach a broader audience by posting stories online and sharing them through social media networks.

Going digital offers these benefits:

  • It’s ongoing. Publishing your success stories won’t be limited to once a year. There are no deadlines. When you have a successful tech transfer story, share it with us anytime. We’ll post it on federallabs.org and share on Facebook and Twitter.
  • It’s lively and interactive. Our digital edition will eventually offer rich media options. You won’t be limited to one image to tell your story. You can submit multiple images, video, or audio to better explain your technology transfer success.
  • You’ll still be able to print and share your success stories.
  • It’s searchable. Once your success story is posted on federallabs.org, it is then searchable by Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine. This means that more people can find out about your lab’s technologies.
  • It’s green. You can feel good about the amount of paper, ink, and energy saved by not producing and distributing a physical publication.

While we are energized by the endless possibilities of the digital format, the decision to stop producing a hard-copy publication was not an easy one. As the readers of Technology for Today increasingly use their desktop computers and mobile devices as their primary information sources, and as federal budget constraints push us to save costs in every possible way, now seems the right time to make this change.

We expect to launch the digital Technology for Today product in spring 2013—along with a fresh, new FLC website. So, start thinking about future submissions. Snap some pictures and take some video of your technologies! We look forward to posting them online and sharing them for the world to see.

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