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TEDCO Maryland Looking for Research Study Volunteers


TEDCO, the Maryland Technology Development Corporation, is reaching out to hear from:

  • Entrepreneurs who have started or plan to start a for-profit, technology-based, product company located in Maryland, and
  • Researchers or scientists who are thinking about commercializing a technology in Maryland.

If you are in either of these categories, please take a few minutes to participate in a research project sponsored by TEDCO here: https://d1.catalystsurvey.com/survey/selfserve/20e9/180320

TEDCO is interested in the opinions of people regarding its awareness, image and overall effectiveness in the Maryland Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. By being part of this research project you will become a valuable addition to an important study to evaluate and improve Maryland's position in growing the entrepreneurial technology community within the state.

This study is conducted by an independent research company and individual answers are strictly confidential. Participators will not be identified or asked to support or buy anything. Participation should take approximately 5 minutes.

To begin, click (or cut and paste into your browser) the link below. To start the study you do not need a password, simply click the "Continue" button on the screen at this link.



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