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The FLC 2014 Program Has Us Really Excited!



With two months to go, we’re excited about what we’ve got planned for this year’s national meeting! Our location can’t be beat for the range of speakers we’re attracting, and we have developed a program that we’re eager to present to you—centered on our theme, Accelerating Innovation for Economic Impact.

New sessions we’re looking forward to include a tools session, which will give technology transfer (T2) professionals practical information for using social media in their daily job duties; an evening training session on writing award submissions; a session—continuing last summer’s online discussions—in which members of industry will share their needs and connect with labs to match; and a discussion of measuring the impact of T2 and innovation on the economy. For our Advanced Training course, we’re bringing Wendy Kennedy back to build on December’s commercialization webinar. In her strategic marketing workshop, you’ll do intensive, real-world work to develop a plan for marketing your lab and its technologies without spending big bucks.

In addition, we’re keeping some old favorites: the Human Element session, where we present how technology transfer impacts people and communities; an expanded Industry Day that encourages labs to connect with potential partners; and the poster session where the best and brightest show off their award-winning efforts. For the awards ceremony, Henry Wixon, who emceed to much acclaim in 2012, will return.

Kathleen McDonald, this year’s Program Committee Chair, says, "When we think about what training is available for tech transfer professionals, there is nothing close to the cost of what the FLC offers. The networking opportunity and general training are both huge benefits that can’t be obtained anywhere else."

The national meeting is a great place to expand your learning, both formally at training sessions and informally by sharing best practices with your colleagues. It’s also a place where you can connect with potential partners, particularly on Industry Day. You also get to network with mentors (and we’ll have a game!). As an additional value, you can use the meeting—the entire meeting, not just the intensive training courses—for continuing education credits. In addition, you may be able to apply for continuing legal education credit with your state bar.

You can see everything that we’re offering on our meeting site. Early-bird rates are available until March 7, so sign up soon to save yourself some cash. (While you’re visiting, don’t forget to nominate candidates for office if you’re eligible; you’ve only got until Monday.)

We can’t wait to see you there!


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