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"The Sleuth Kit"



Laboratory: Los Alamos National Laboratory

Summary: tsk_get_files, a script that can rebuild a file structure from a disk image.

Details: tsk_get_files is a script that uses "The Sleuth Kit" commands "fls" and "icat" to rebuild a file structure from a disk image. Although TSK is intended to be used for forensics purposes, this script can be used when a user’s home directory is accidentally removed, either by an admin or a user.

Opportunity: Available for Express Licensing (an accelerated, streamlined process whereby commercial entities may request a nonexclusive license to preselected LANL technologies for favorable licensing terms offered through an abbreviated license agreement). This software is open source. To download, please visit github.

Contact: For more information about the technology, contact Software@lanl.gov. For questions about Express Licensing, contact Licensing@lanl.gov.

View the technology listing at LANL’s Feynman Center.

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