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TWC will co-host Water Technologies Partnering Forum on January 20

Employees of FLC member labs are invited to a Water Technologies Partnering Forum on January 20, presented by AUTM and co-sponsored by the FLC and The Water Council, an FLC partner.

This event provides a unique opportunity to network with industry partners and take an in-depth look at the water technology sectors. Some highlights include:

* A panel presentation from key industry partners on trends in water technologies

* How industry wants to engage with federal labs and universities

* How best to work with each company on collaborations.

Participants will also be able to network during the forum through AUTM Connect and have the opportunity to schedule one-on-one meetings with potential partners through these connections.

Employees of FLC member labs and committee members may quality for a coupon code to attend. Contact Corin Hindenach at chindenach@federallabs.org for more information.

Learn more and register: https://autm.net/events/partnering-forums/autm-water-technologies-virtua...

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