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USDA Tech Transfer Experts Publish New Strategies for Commercialization Success

Les nouvelles

Mojdeh Bahar, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Office of Technology Transfer, Assistant Administrator, and Robert Griesbach, USDA, Office of Technology Transfer, Deputy Assistant Administrator, recently published an article in les Nouvelles titled “A New Strategic Approach to Technology Transfer.” In the article, Bahar and Griesbach propose a shift in where and when technology transfer (T2) professionals are brought into the fold of supporting a federal research project. Through well thought-out strategies in time management, one-on-one sessions with researchers, and other viable approaches that could lead to desired research outcomes, the authors suggest a strategic plan for agencies and T2 professionals to consider when planning research project goals and objectives.

Bahar and Griesbach have a wealth of T2 professional experience between them, and their successful commercialization work at USDA has been recognized several times with FLC awards and as featured case studies during numerous FLC national meeting sessions. Bahar served as FLC Chair from 2011 – 2013, and Griesbach currently serves as the FLC Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator. Both are valuable members of the FLC and T2 community whose expertise in the field is second to none.

To read the complete published article in our Publication Library, visit https://www.federallabs.org/index.php?tray=publication&tid=1FLtop185&cid=166DW552.

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