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Volpe Innovation Challenge Funds Tech to Support State and Local Governments

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At Volpe’s second annual innovation challenge, lab employees pitched competing ideas for solutions to transportation problems, with the winning idea receiving seed funding to make it a reality. This year’s winners, Volpe’s Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Support for Transportation Practitioners team, plan to collect and assess a set of climate change resources to make them more accessible and consistently used by state and local transportation practitioners.

The team intends to use the funding to create tools and techniques to help state and local practitioners, planners, and decision makers take action to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change. They plan to collect resources—models, data sources, and potential solutions—that are used to analyze climate change impacts and identify adaptation and resiliency options; analyze the strengths and limitations of those resources; and develop, then fine-tune, a step-by-step decision-making approach to choose and use these tools and implement solutions.

“Each idea that was pitched at the Innovation Challenge will help improve the nation’s transportation system,” said Anne Aylward, Volpe Deputy Director for Research and Innovation.

For more details about the challenge, read Volpe’s story.

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