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Wave Measurement Device for Moored Buoy


Laboratory: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Data Buoy Center

Summary: System for monitoring, determining, and reporting directional spectra of ocean surface waves in near real-time from a moored buoy

Abstract: A moored buoy floating on the ocean surface and anchored to the seafloor precisely measures acceleration, pitch, roll, and the Earth’s magnetic flux field of the buoy over a limited sampling period. The system includes:

  1. Buoy
  2. Mooring system
  3. Electronic data logger controlling communications between the system and the onboard remote telecommunications system
  4. Embedded computer for data input/output, temporary or permanent data storage, and algorithms to convert the measured time series data into surface ocean wave spectra and quality assurance statistics, and encode the results for transfer to the data logger
  5. Sensors include one or three acceleration sensors, three orthogonal angular rate sensors, and three orthogonal magnetometers to measure the Earth’s magnetic flux field
  6. Telecommunications system that links the buoy data logger and a shoreside processing system
  7. Shoreside processing system that decodes the transmitted data, performs quality control, and computes derived wave parameters.

Opportunity: Available for licensing (request form available here)

Contact: NOAA Technology Partnerships Office

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