COVID-19 News

xTechSearch pitches may have COVID-19 applications

The 2020 edition of Army’s Shark Tank-style competition for innovative technologies – with $1.7 million in prizes at stake this year, $1.2 million in this week’s round alone – started long before COVID-19 broke out in Wuhan, China. But with the Army acutely interested in advanced medical science, it’s understandable that several of the competitors are working on projects relevant to the coronavirus.

Some examples include:

  • a portable scanner that checks throat swabs and blood samples for dozens of different pathogens in 60 minutes
  • sprayable sealant for wounds that kills germs with nanoscopic particles of silver
  • a mental health app that tracks the user's state and pushes out tailored tips and resources for, as an example, dealing with coronavirus-induced isolation 

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