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Your Move! New Webinar Presents Licensing Case Study

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Picture this: You have a new, innovative technology that has attracted major interest among science elites, industry and the media, many of whom have contacted you seeking a license. Now you must decide what type of license to grant—and to whom it should be granted.

That’s the decision you’ll face in our newest webinar, “Your Move: Case Study in Licensing.” During this webinar, you’ll have the opportunity to work through and learn from complex licensing process situations, analyzing what you’d do as you go.

Presenter Ida Shum brings a wealth of expertise in licensing, with a unique perspective she’s gained through experience on both the federal laboratory and industry sides of the process. (Before becoming Senior Manager of Business Development for Samsung’s Advanced Institute of Technology’s Open Innovation Group, she spent ten years in the federal laboratory system—not to mention serving as an FLC Regional Coordinator and Licensing Executives Society Trustee).

Drawing from that background, Ida will present a licensing case study with scenarios that have actually occurred. You’ll encounter twists and turns, each presenting a new decision to make. Exclusive? Nonexclusive? Company A, B, or someone else? Then you’ll find out how it was actually addressed and the result of the process—and leave the webinar with valuable insight into complex licensing situations and how the decisions you make during the licensing process may affect the outcome.

“Your Move: Case Study in Licensing" will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 14 at 1:30 p.m. EDT. We hope you’ll join us! Register now, or visit our webinar page for more details and to check out our archive.

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