Lab-to-Market (L2M) Innovation Ecosystem

Lab2Market Subcommittee Inclusive Innovation Ecosystem Prize Competition

The Lab-to-Market (L2M) subcommittee of the National Science and Technology Council’s Committee on the Science and Technology Enterprise leads the Federal government-wide implementation of the Lab-to-Market Cross Agency Priority (L2M CAP) goal to improve the transition of Federally-funded research and development (R&D) from the laboratory to the marketplace as part of the President’s Management Agenda. Key strategies include increasing  engagement with private sector technology development experts and investors and supporting innovative tools and services for technology transfer. The technology transfer and high-growth startup communities must make the most of their potential to shape the future in the COVID-19 environment.  

The variety and quantity of resources available from governments, academia, philanthropy, and the private sector create a challenging data environment. Entrepreneurs need flexible tools that allow them to find the right resources at the right time, and better ways to navigate information in a usable format. The L2M subcommittee is developing a prize competition to incentivize and surface interactive innovation ecosystem maps to connect commercialization and federal resources in a way that is most efficient and effective for the small business technology development company, and that will support the economy of the future.  

Informational webinar on September 25. Register at:

The competition will accept submissions from September 30 - October 14, 2020:

The outline and key dates can be found there on the site, but detailed instructions for the submission package and full rules are located at:

Please spread the word through your networks (and beyond!) about the Lab-to-Market Inclusive Innovation Ecosystem Prize Competition. Here's a toolkit of information to help with promotions, information on judging and more!  Use this competition as an opportunity to raise the profile of your agency’s L2M ecosystem players, activities, and programs and feed into a longer-term strategy of engagement with partners across the R&D innovation ecosystem.

Use the resources below to enhance your understanding of the innovation ecosystem resources that are currently available.

The goals of this proposed competition are:

1) to surface or stimulate the development of easy-to-use tools that support entrepreneurship;
2) to highlight successful examples of innovation ecosystems and resources that support the development of an innovation ecosystem; and
3) to enhance the connection and integration of Federal resources that support innovation ecosystems.


What is the Innovation Ecosystem?


Examples of Federal Resources and Datasets


What are the goals of the competition?



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Brittany Sickler
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U.S. Small Business Administration
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