Software Licensing Simplified

Software has tremendous commercial potential that’s growing every day. So when you work in a federal lab, you need to know how to harness it! Our webinar will help you figure out how to make this underestimated intellectual property (IP) part of your T2 strategy.

This webinar will help you understand the basics of software protection and commercialization, and how they can fit into your T2 program, including:

  • Methods of protecting software
  • GOGO and GOCO processes and their differences
  • Various software distribution models and their merits.

Our panel features three T2 experts in thinking out–of–the–box, who have made software work for them—Barry Datlof, Army Medical Research and Materiel Command; Kathleen McDonald, Los Alamos National Laboratory; and Aaron Sauers, Fermilab.

The panelists will also use participants’ input and feedback to hone the “Software Topics” session they’re presenting at this year’s national meeting—tailoring it to your needs.