Programs & Funding

As DoD budgets continue to decline, it's important to establish and/or maintain excellent working relationship(s) between all DoD Service Laboratories, and DTIC. As you know, our mission is to store and disseminate the scientific, technical and engineering reports, journal articles, etc., produced by your lab. With the possibility of future budget decreases for DoD science and technology, DoD can't afford to duplicate efforts.

To that end, DTIC is introducing a lab liaison program to assist DoD labs with the submission of all types of documents, particularly, limited and classified reports, since those documents are harder for the community to find and access. We have assigned DTIC employees to work exclusively with DoD Service Laboratories to coordinate/submit your documented results to DTIC.

The DoD community is dependent upon your lab's research, development, test and evaluation collection to advance science and technology, discover the latest information, and engage researchers and organizations. Submitting your work to the collection increases discovery of existing research which, improves coordination, aligns priorities, and augments resources.

Data security is, of course, always a concern. DTIC follows DoD standards to manage and validate who can access and download information based upon security protocols, credentials and in accordance with the security classification that you identify on your research documents. DTIC handles the full range of document markings: DoD only, DoD and contractor, U.S. Government only, U.S. Government and contractor, and export control.

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