Programs & Funding

Environmental Justice Grants and Cooperative Agreements Programs
  • Regional
    • The Environmental Justice Showcase Communities Project provides EPA Regional office funding to bring together governmental and non-governmental organizations to pool their collective resources and expertise on the best ways to achieve real results in communities. The successes and lessons learned in these demonstration projects will be used to help guide the design and implementation of future Environmental Justice projects and will help EPA increase its ability to address local environmental challenges in more effective, efficient, and sustainable ways.
  • National
    • EPA's National Clean Diesel Funding Assistance Program issues competitive grants through EPA Regional Offices to fund implementation of diesel emission reduction technologies on school buses, vessels and equipment used in ports, construction and agriculture among others. Eligible entities include units of government including federally recognized tribes and nonprofit organizations whose principle purpose is promotion of transportation or air quality. Community groups can also partner with eligible applicants to apply for grants.
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