Programs & Funding

The emphasis of this program is to equip students with the necessary tools that assist in the choice of career options, whether it is entering the workforce as a technician, pursuing an undergraduate degree, or both.

This program places students form community colleges in paid internships in Science, Engineering and Technology at BNL. Because of the comprehensive nature of this program, many of the participants have felt it has had an enormous influence on their careers. Students work with scientists or engineers on projects related to the laboratories' research programs. They also attend career planning and numerous training/informational sessions.

The CCI program at BNL will include features which have been the mainstay of our undergraduate programs since 1952.

• Students participate in a Technical Internship, which allows them to participate in one of BNL's ongoing scientific and technical projects.

• Students will participate in cutting-edge research or technology development, directed by a staff member of the BNL scientific community.

• The nature of the internship assignment will be determined after a review by BNL staff of the applicants' background and interests, relevant to the current scientific and technical activities at BNL.

• Students will have the chance to present their scientific or technical results both verbally and in writing, and may appear as a contributor to a scientific journal article or BNL report.

• Students will also participate in Educational Enhancement Activities, offering not only a specific scientific or technical experience, but an in-depth exposure to the scientific enterprise.

• Students will spend approximately 20% of their time in specific group or individual activities designed to promote career development.

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