Programs & Funding

The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory offers researchers from academia, industry, and national laboratories the opportunity to utilize the unique, world-class facilities of the laboratory to conduct magnet-related research. The Visiting Scientist Program provides financial support for these research projects on a competitive basis.

The primary intent of this program is to provide greater access to the unique facilities at the Magnet Lab and to seed research programs that help advance the laboratory. Funding is principally intended to partially support travel and local expenses. Requests for stipends are considered but given a lower priority.

The amount of support generally ranges from a few thousand to $20,000. Beyond conducting the research as approved and maintaining fiscal integrity, the researcher has one additional responsibility, which is to provide the Magnet Lab with a progress report on request and a final report on their research to be included in the online version of the NHMFL Annual Report.

Application Guidance

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