Programs & Funding

The National Science Foundation has charged the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL) with developing an in-house research program that:

  • utilizes the NHMFL facilities to carry out high quality high field research at the forefront of science and engineering; and
  • advances the NHMFL facilities and their scientific and technical capabilities.

To this end, the NHMFL envisions a research program that not only guides and stimulates magnet and facility development, but additionally provides intellectual leadership for research in magnetic materials and phenomena.

The User Collaboration Grants Program seeks to achieve these objectives through funded research projects of normally 1-2 years duration in the following categories:

  • small, seeded collaborations between internal and/or external investigators that utilize their complementary expertise;
  • bold but risky efforts which hold significant potential to extend the range and type of experiments; and
  • initial seed support for new faculty and research staff, targeted to magnet laboratory enhancements.

The User Collaboration Grants Program strongly encourages collaboration between NHMFL scientists and external users of NHMFL facilities. Projects are also encouraged to drive new or unique research, i.e., serve as seed money to develop initial data leading to external funding of a larger program. In accord with NSF policies, the NHMFL cannot fund clinical studies. Funding will only be provided for research taking place at NHMFL facilities, and funded projects generally cannot send research funds to non-NHMFL institutions.

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