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Keynote Address – Jeff Galvin, American Gene Technologies Presentation 2019
LabTech in Your Life Overview – Dr. Robert Griesbach, USDA, Office of Technology Transfer Presentation 2019
Choice Batter (TM) A New Line of Food Products for People With Celiac Disease – Dr. Robert Griesbach, USDA, Office of Technology Transfer Presentation 2019
Building T2 Career Bridges for Workforce Development – Fizie Haleem (Moderator) Presentation 2019
Solid Decontamination Blend To Neutralize Biological and Chemical Threats Such As Nerve Gas, and Anthrax Pathogens – Dr. Eric Moore, U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Chemical Biological Center Presentation 2019
STEM Equity Initiative: Traditional Educational Models – Claudia Morrell, STEM Equity Initiative Presentation 2019
Building Bridges and Infrastructure to Support Federal T2 – Santiago Navarro, DOT Presentation 2019
Building Bridges and Networking to Identify and Exploit Career Opportunities – Ron Kaese, TEDCO Presentation 2019
Artificial Intelligence and T2 – Professor Dean Alderucci Presentation 2019
The Road to Licensing and Commercialization – Mojdeh Bahar Presentation 2019
Unleashing American Innovation – Dr. Phillip Singerman, NIST Presentation 2019
FLC Technology Focus Areas Program – Kevin Barquinero Presentation 2019
Maximizing Technology Commercialization of Federal Research Investments Through the Best Practices at Innovation and Economic Prosperity Universities – Paula Sorrell, Economic Growth Institute, University of Michigan Presentation 2019
DOE Lab Partnering Service – Rob Bectel Presentation 2019
Attracting the Private Sector: How to Build Informal Relationships with Federal Labs – Richard A. Bendis, BioHealth Innovation Presentation 2019
FLC Update to the Regions: 2020 Way Ahead – John Dement, FLC Chair Presentation 2019
Innovation Ecosystems Presentation 2017
Agreements for Commercializing Technology (ACT) Presentation 2017
Entrepreneurs in Residence Presentation 2017