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STEM Equity Initiative: Traditional Educational Models – Claudia Morrell, STEM Equity Initiative Presentation 2019
Building Bridges and Infrastructure to Support Federal T2 – Santiago Navarro, DOT Presentation 2019
Artificial Intelligence and T2 – Professor Dean Alderucci Presentation 2019
Building Bridges and Networking to Identify and Exploit Career Opportunities – Ron Kaese, TEDCO Presentation 2019
The Road to Licensing and Commercialization – Mojdeh Bahar Presentation 2019
Unleashing American Innovation – Dr. Phillip Singerman, NIST Presentation 2019
FLC Technology Focus Areas Program – Kevin Barquinero Presentation 2019
Maximizing Technology Commercialization of Federal Research Investments Through the Best Practices at Innovation and Economic Prosperity Universities – Paula Sorrell, Economic Growth Institute, University of Michigan Presentation 2019
DOE Lab Partnering Service – Rob Bectel Presentation 2019
Attracting the Private Sector: How to Build Informal Relationships with Federal Labs – Richard A. Bendis, BioHealth Innovation Presentation 2019
FLC Update to the Regions: 2020 Way Ahead – John Dement, FLC Chair Presentation 2019
Keynote Address – Jeff Galvin, American Gene Technologies Presentation 2019
LabTech in Your Life Overview – Dr. Robert Griesbach, USDA, Office of Technology Transfer Presentation 2019
Choice Batter (TM) A New Line of Food Products for People With Celiac Disease – Dr. Robert Griesbach, USDA, Office of Technology Transfer Presentation 2019
Building T2 Career Bridges for Workforce Development – Fizie Haleem (Moderator) Presentation 2019
Solid Decontamination Blend To Neutralize Biological and Chemical Threats Such As Nerve Gas, and Anthrax Pathogens – Dr. Eric Moore, U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Chemical Biological Center Presentation 2019
Innovation Ecosystems Presentation 2017
Agreements for Commercializing Technology (ACT) Presentation 2017
Foundation for the National Institutes of Health Presentation 2017