Every day, thousands of federal researchers, scientists, and their industry partners are hard at work on innovations that will one day be transferred from the laboratory in order to provide an economic return on our nation’s investment in federal R&D. From advancements in medicine to improvements in national security, or breakthroughs in energy production and conservation, federal R&D enhances the everyday lives of Americans while advancing our nation's socioeconomic position in the global marketplace. Transferring federal laboratories’ innovations from the theoretical to the practical is no small feat, which is why the FLC is eager to promote every successful technology commercialization that goes from lab to market. As a testament to the hard work and dedication that federal laboratory personnel and their partners conduct daily, the following stories describe the R&D, trials, and technology transfer successes that have taken place throughout the Region and across the nation.
DefTech Center ribbon-cutting ceremony

The ribbon-cutting ceremony opening the DefTech Center in Maryland. Photo courtesy of Harford County Office of Community and Economic Development

NSA state and local govt success story graphic

This graphic is an illustration of the NSA - University of Texas partnership and how it fosters research, workforce development, and economic benefits in critical technology areas vital to national security. Image courtesy of NSA Technology Transfer Program.

The full line of Arctic Freeze products incorporates a QwikBoost refrigerant enhancer originally developed by NASA and Mainstream Engineering Corporation. According to IDQ, QwikBoost provides vehicle owners with colder air up to 50-percent faster than a conventional refrigerant product. (Photo credit: NASA Spinoff 2010)

Tile floor after MicroGuard was applied. (Image courtesy of NASA Goddard. Photo credit: MicroGuard/Adsil®Corporation)

This bird eating birdseed at a feeder does not have to compete with squirrels to enjoy its afternoon snack. (Image courtesy of NCI. Photo credit: iStock)

Cyber Security at the Physical Level…NSA partners with PadJack, Inc.

National Security Agency server port protection devices guard against cyber crime. Network breaches an data loss are threats that impact everyone. But not everyone knows that the common device port can be one of the biggest cyber vulnerabilities. The commercialized devices provide a physical layer of cyber security.