Every day, thousands of federal researchers, scientists, and their industry partners are hard at work on innovations that will one day be transferred from the laboratory in order to provide an economic return on our nation’s investment in federal R&D. From advancements in medicine to improvements in national security, or breakthroughs in energy production and conservation, federal R&D enhances the everyday lives of Americans while advancing our nation's socioeconomic position in the global marketplace. Transferring federal laboratories’ innovations from the theoretical to the practical is no small feat, which is why the FLC is eager to promote every successful technology commercialization that goes from lab to market. As a testament to the hard work and dedication that federal laboratory personnel and their partners conduct daily, the following stories describe the R&D, trials, and technology transfer successes that have taken place throughout the Region and across the nation.

At the National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research, ARS chemist George Fanta (left) and Don Fisk, president of Uni-Star, Inc., examine foam packing material extruded from biodegradable cornstarch. (Photo credit: Keith Weller/USDA)

Full-scale treatment system for oxidizing ammonia in drinking water. (Photo credit: Darren Lytle, USEPA)