High speed, ultrastable fiber-optic communications laser

Dr. Joanne Jones-Meehan of NRL developedand commercialized an environmentally safecoating system for ship hulls and pipelineapplications, such as power plant waterintakes. This patented coating system reducesthe problem of biofouling (the undesiredgrowth of barnacles, mussels, algae, etc.)without the use of toxicmetals and biocides byproviding a surface to whichorganisms find it difficult toadhere. There is a pressingneed for an environmentallysafe method for controllingbiofouling to replace currentmethods that involve metalsand other chemicals that arepotentially harmful to aquaticlife and workers alike.Smart Surfaces, LLC ofAnnapolis, Md. entered into alicensing agreement with NRL to bring Dr.Meehan-Jones’ technology to the marketplace.During the technology transfer process, Dr.Jones-Meehan was involved with testing of the product on ten ships and at three power plants,as well as the application and inspection of thetest coatings.The coating system, as licensed by SmartSurfaces, will be used on commercial, privateand government-owned ships, as well as powerplant water intake systems.Benefits will be realized in anumber of areas sinceworkers will no longer beexposed to the potentiallyharmful chemicals ofantifouling paints; theelectric power generatingindustry will save up to $5billion a year by avoidingwater intake cleanup; and theaquaculture and fishingindustries will see asignificant reduction in thenumber of lost lines, nets,and other equipment from biofouling.
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