Video image stabilization and registration (VISAR)

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Dr. David Hathaway and Paul Meyer of theNASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC)have worked on a number of cases with policeand the FBI, including the bombing at the 1996Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta. Thescientists successfully clarified nighttimevideotapes filmed with handheld camcorders toreveal important details about the bomb andthe explosion. Using their expertise andequipment for analyzing satellite video, Dr.Hathaway and Meyer created technology thatcan dramatically improve video images—including crime scene videos. Video (more) ImageStabilization and Registration (VISAR) canturn dark, jittery images captured by homevideos, security systems, and video cameras inpolice cars into clearer, stable images thatreveal clues about crimes.The MSFC team, which also included SammyNabors, transferred the technology throughlicensing with Barco Inc. and IntergraphCorporation. Barco is using its license todevelop real-time hardware processingproducts. Intergraph Corporation is usingVISAR software on its proprietary platform,called the Video Analyst System. A patent ispending on VISAR. In addition, VISAR hasbeen well publicized on such media outlets asthe Discovery Channel, CNN, Headline News,and a host of other national and internationalmedia.The beneficiaries of VISAR technologyinclude federal and local law enforcement, aswell as the Department of Defense. With itsability to enhance and clarify video images,VISAR stands on the verge of revolutionizingimage-processing technology. The economywill be greatly impacted through productdevelopment, not only in the U.S. butinternationally. Thus far, nearly $100 millionin product revenue has been projected. (less)