2003 Microcantilever-Based Biosensors Southeast

Award Year 

The Any Source, Any Position (ASAP™)fluid-handling system is an enablingtechnology for analytical dispensing tools usedfor biochemical analysis. This technologyrapidly transfers small volumes of chemicals inparallel from multiple sources to multipletargets—the type of manipulation necessarywhen performing the vast number of chemicalassays required for screening pharmaceuticalsor analyzing genetic material.The ASAP™ fluid-handling system wasconceived jointly by Oak Ridge NationalLaboratory and Rheodyne, L.P. Patent licensesfor the technology were obtained by Rheodyne,which (more) created a spinoff company, Innovadyne.Innovadyne owns the worldwide exclusivelicense and ASAP™ trademark. The ASAP™received an R&D Magazine’s R&D 100 Awardin 2002.The benefits of this technology to the consumerinclude faster discovery, development, andavailability of new drugs; quicker medicaldiagnoses; and reduced costs for both. (less)