Antibody engineering for expression in insect cells and larvae

In the event of a chemical, biological orradiological terrorism attack, first responders,military leaders, and federal agencies needtools that will allow them to sample andanalyze materials in and precise and uniformmanner. A team from the Edgewood ChemicalBiological Center (ECBC) has been active inall aspects of improving mobile laboratoriesand providing solutions for the efficient andaccurate field analysis of chemical andbiological materials. The technologiesdeveloped by this team include thedevelopment of turnkey capabilities thatintegrate and standardize field sampling, aswell as analysis tools that support users.Additionally, the technologies addressregulatory issues concerning transportation,environmental law, and safety compliance.Numerous partnerships using CRADAs,patents, license agreements, and transfermechanisms contributed to the success of theproject. Often, one successful effortprecipitated work with another partner. Todate, those partners include PurifiedMicroEnvironments, Quick Silver Analytics,Inc., the FBI, and the U.S. Food and DrugAdministration.Both the public and private sectors havedirectly benefited from ECBC’s mobilelaboratory technologies. This team hasprovided improved strategies that willultimately enhance law enforcement efforts toprotect the U.S. against terrorism and the threatof weapons of mass destruction.
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