Optical real-time adaptive spectral identification system

The Optical Real-Time Adaptive SpectralIdentification System (ORASIS) is a softwareapplication for the analysis and compression ofhyperspectral images that is based on apatented algorithm from the Naval ResearchLaboratory (NRL). Hyperspectral images arecomposite images made up of multiple picturesof a “scene” taken at different wavelengths.This technology mathematically identifiesconstituent components and maps theirabundances within the image.Through the efforts of Dr. Jeffrey Bowles,ORASIS has been transferred to AdvancedPower Technology, Incorporated (APTI) underthe terms of a nonexclusive license with NRL.Using the technology, the licensee is sellingvalue-added earth image analysis products andservices, such as customized maps, and systemsfor remote sensing data collection and analysis.The earth image products from ORASIS willbe used for oil, gas, and mineral exploration;environmental assessment; crop analysis foroptimizing irrigation and fertilization; andmilitary remote sensing. Based on the array ofareas in which the technology can be applied,the individuals, businesses, agencies, etc., thatwill benefit range from doctors and patients tofarmers, manufacturers and oil companies.
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